Whole House Renovations  

A personal feeling in a home that flows throughout  all of the rooms.  Design, color and texture combine together to create a truly unique home.

Entry into Parlor Old World Cracked Plaster in 3 Niches with Copper Base Entry3.jpg (90827 bytes)entry2.jpg (693419 bytes)
Parlor Venetiano Paint in Parlor and downstairs hallway parlor.jpg (66693 bytes)parlor2.jpg (73424 bytes)
Arches 2 Stenciled Arches

diningArch.jpg (50446 bytes)diningArch3.jpg (59395 bytes)

 Family Room Old World Glaze 

Cracked and aged paint

familyroom3.jpg (60356 bytes)familyroom1.jpg (56747 bytes)
familyroom2.jpg (51785 bytes) familyroom4.jpg (55724 bytes)
Kitchen Raised Plaster Olive Frieze kitchenOlives1.jpg (32771 bytes)
kitchenOlives2.jpg (56423 bytes) kitchenOlives3.jpg (34783 bytes)
Powder Room Gold Portofino Plaster GoldLustre.jpg (68263 bytes)
GoldLustre2.jpg (50266 bytes) GoldLustre3.jpg (78484 bytes)
Guest Room Fleur-De-Lis as an  All-Over Stencil in blues and golds GuestStencil4.jpg (73540 bytes)GuestStencil.jpg (41898 bytes)
GuestStencil2.jpg (33978 bytes)
Stairway Distressed, Stained Railings and Cupboards with Venetiano Gold Painted Walls stairway1.jpg (88247 bytes)stairmetallic2.jpg (97597 bytes)

Metallic on Stairway

upstairshall1.jpg (51099 bytes) stairway2.jpg (83905 bytes)

upstairshall2.jpg (50598 bytes)upstairshallcabinet.jpg (74211 bytes)

Office Taupe Metallic Stripes with Embossed Palazzo Scroll


officeentry.jpg (45337 bytes)
Ceiling Medallion medallion1.jpg (146697 bytes)

office2.jpg (54337 bytes)office1.jpg (43176 bytes)

Master Bedroom Distressed Strie Walls with Damask Focus Wall & Raised Plaster Fireplace masterbedroom3.jpg (102944 bytes)
masterfire4.jpg (93636 bytes) masterfire1.jpg (66454 bytes) masterbedroom1.jpg (48336 bytes)masterbedroom2.jpg (78730 bytes)
Master Bath marblewash1.jpg (80470 bytes) marblewash2.jpg (73173 bytes)