Special Effects

Mosaic and other media are incorporated into a variety of projects for Special Effects. Stones, glass, broken objects, found objects, tissue paper and plaster become an artists delight.

Tissue tissue_gold.jpg (9624 bytes) on the Floor tilefloor.jpg (17058 bytes)
fireplacetissue2.jpg (18275 bytes) on the Fireplace fireplacetissue.jpg (30978 bytes)


Sewing Table turns into ART mosaictable.jpg (30640 bytes)
Smalti Tiles & Glass mosaictabletop.jpg (52365 bytes) mosaictableside2.jpg (28290 bytes)mosaictableside1.jpg (27924 bytes)
Plaster and Ceramic Tiles Beach Table bluetable2.jpg (23191 bytes)
Broken Ceramic Tiles Built-in Cabinet cabinet.jpg (55106 bytes)
cabinetdoors.jpg (29857 bytes) cabinettiles.jpg (36926 bytes)
 Mural  Mosaic Layered Cement, Slate, & Stone archmuralcolumn.jpg (39860 bytes)
Kitchen Backsplash

Broken Plates

backsplash1.jpg (40707 bytes)

backsplash2.jpg (34059 bytes)

Bathroom Vanity mosaicsink.jpg (84505 bytes) mosaicbath.jpg (73952 bytes)
Bench bluebench.jpg (90800 bytes) bluebench2.jpg (100331 bytes)
Troweled Paint and Plaster on the Rounded Wall


trowe.jpg (30381 bytes)

Troweled Paint with Raised Plaster Urn & Stones

purpleurn1.jpg (41526 bytes)   purpleurn2.jpg (45493 bytes)