Plaster Finishes  

are as old as architecture. Many "new"  looks are taken from the past.....

 Plasters Aged & Layered Plaster venetian.jpg (11400 bytes)

egyptian.jpg (94294 bytes)

Portofino GoldLustre3.jpg (78484 bytes) In a Guest Bath portofino.jpg (65395 bytes)
Tuscan italianplaster3.jpg (54563 bytes) Tuscan Magnified

italianadobe.jpg (83622 bytes)

Old World

Old World Crackle

oldworldcrackle.jpg (170193 bytes)

Old World Brick

oldworldbrick.jpg (127382 bytes)
Raised Plaster

Seashell with Sand Paint

plastershell.jpg (21938 bytes)

Fleur De Lis on Portofino Wall

GoldLustre2.jpg (50266 bytes)

Grapevine Relief

grapevinerelief.jpg (134949 bytes)

Tuscan Scrolls

tuscanrelief.jpg (81966 bytes)

Scrolls with Gems

purpleurn3.jpg (28242 bytes)

Fireplace Damask

masterfire1.jpg (66454 bytes)


scrollfireplace.jpg (1671894 bytes)

Cracked Leather

Aged & Cracked Leather

crackedleather.jpg (59699 bytes)

Venetian Plaster

A plaster with marble dust added for a high shine

venetian.jpg (11400 bytes)