Create an illusion in a room that doesn't exist.  From elegant to whimsical, Accent by Design can paint an original work of art for your home or business.

Whimsical Tree I LOVE painting these Whimsical Trees swirl6.jpg (192029 bytes) swirl10.jpg (197468 bytes) swirl4.jpg (198573 bytes)

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swirl12.jpg (128102 bytes) Other Tree Ideas FAIRIES_tree2.jpg (132911 bytes)
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Outdoors Wall

California wineries thru Stone Arches

36ft. X 7ft. 

archmuralALL2.jpg (49200 bytes) archmuralhouse.jpg (166101 bytes) archmuralvines.jpg (174856 bytes)

archmuralbridge.jpg (201424 bytes) archmuraltrees.jpg (203641 bytes) archmuralflowers.jpg (209590 bytes)

Magical Castle with Tinkerbell

fairycastle.jpg (39822 bytes) tinkerbellCastle.jpg (30540 bytes) tinkerbellCastle2.jpg (31897 bytes) fairy2.jpg (25010 bytes)
 A Daisy on the Ceiling & Poems on the Wall fairy1.jpg (19489 bytes) castleceiling.jpg (10950 bytes)   fairypoem.jpg (24947 bytes)
Baby Jungle Nursery Nolans-Room-015.jpg (86857 bytes) Nolans-Room-012.jpg (111670 bytes) Nolans-Room-007.jpg (88273 bytes) nurserymonkey2.jpg (71623 bytes)
nurseryturtle.jpg (58014 bytes) nurserygiraffe.jpg (67526 bytes) nurserymonkey.jpg (51365 bytes)
Boys and Airplanes airplane2.jpg (1594114 bytes)

airplane1.jpg (481871 bytes)

Fairies and Rainbows FAIRIES_tree1.jpg (141645 bytes) FAIRIES_corner.jpg (134710 bytes) FAIRIES_pair.jpg (150534 bytes) FAIRIES_purplefairy.jpg (153358 bytes)
FAIRIES_rainbow.jpg (121674 bytes) FAIRIES_heartfairy.jpg (111343 bytes) FAIRIES_tree2.jpg (132911 bytes) FAIRIES_tree3.jpg (135574 bytes)
Celestial muralmoon.jpg (41355 bytes) Entryway Roses muralroses.jpg (55029 bytes)

cherubs1.jpg (10580 bytes)

Tromp O'leil

Tuscan Hills in a Niche entryway

tuscanhills.jpg (1111627 bytes)

vineyardmural3.jpg (251668 bytes) vineyardmural4.jpg (275828 bytes)

Wine Cellar Closet becomes a wine bar with the illusion of a wine cellar.


winecellar4.jpg (1146414 bytes)

winecellar2.jpg (1577103 bytes)


Napa Vineyard

vineyardmural.jpg (63043 bytes)


Thru the Tropical Window

tropicalwindow.jpg (35943 bytes)