Painted Furniture & Accessories

Custom colors and paint techniques for a one of a kind treasure. Re-purpose your old furniture or I can order new. Choose your own colors and design.  Call 925-584-4978 or visit my shop on Etsy to order a custom piece of painted furniture

Jewelry Armoires Must be Ordered on Etsy
Jewelry Armoire


(Available on Etsy   for Custom Order)


jewelarmoireCinderella2.jpg (375376 bytes) jewelarmoireCinderella4.jpg (452114 bytes) jewelarmoireCinderella6.jpg (403760 bytes)
Jewelry Armoire

"Tiana's Treasure"

(Available on Etsy   for Custom Order)


jewelryarmoireTiana4.jpg (589668 bytes) jewelryarmoireTiana5.jpg (514761 bytes) jewelryarmoireTiana1.jpg (686350 bytes)jewelryarmoireTiana6.jpg (548526 bytes)
 Jewelry Armoire


(Available on Etsy   for Custom Order)

parisarmoire1.jpg (475826 bytes) parisarmoire2.jpg (544405 bytes)

Flip Top

parisarmoire4.jpg (512414 bytes)




parisarmoire6.jpg (286965 bytes)

Inside Top 

parisarmoire8.jpg (269564 bytes) parisarmoire9.jpg (243419 bytes)
 Jewelry Armoire

"Parisian Jewel"

(Available on Etsy   for Custom Order)

jewelryarmoireParisianJewel2.jpg (533608 bytes) jewelryarmoireParisianJewel3.jpg (532759 bytes)


jewelryarmoireParisianJewel5.jpg (518831 bytes)


jewelryarmoireParisianJewel1.jpg (593302 bytes) jewelryarmoireParisianJewel4.jpg (559803 bytes)

jewelryarmoireParisianJewel6.jpg (475981 bytes)

Jewelry Armoire "Beachy Blues"

(Available on Etsy   for Custom Order)

jewelryarmoireWAVE3.jpg (737976 bytes) jewelryarmoireWAVE2.jpg (531536 bytes) jewelryarmoireWAVE4.jpg (805068 bytes)
Jewelry Armoire "Alice in Wonderland"

(Available on Etsy   for Custom Order)

jewelryarmoireALICE1.jpg (642984 bytes) jewelryarmoireALICE6.jpg (675471 bytes) jewelryarmoireALICE4.jpg (599780 bytes)
jewelryarmoireALICE3.jpg (647658 bytes) jewelryarmoireALICE5.jpg (528005 bytes) jewelryarmoireALICE2.jpg (642270 bytes)
Large Jewelry Armoire "Sleeping Beauty"

(Larger Armoire, Available on Etsy   for Custom Order)

jewelryarmoireFairy.jpg (580948 bytes) jewelryarmoireFairy6.jpg (513461 bytes) jewelryarmoireFairy5.jpg (590131 bytes)
jewelryarmoireFairy4.jpg (558836 bytes) jewelryarmoireFairy2.jpg (583311 bytes)
Jewelry Armoire "Shabby Chic"

Custom Armoire


jewelarmoireShabby3.jpg (250188 bytes) jewelarmoireShabby1.jpg (302575 bytes)

jewelarmoireShabby6.jpg (318960 bytes)

jewelarmoireShabby8.jpg (273345 bytes) jewelarmoireShabby2.jpg (291637 bytes) jewelarmoireShabby4.jpg (204703 bytes)

jewelarmoireShabby7.jpg (238068 bytes)

Jewelry Armoire "Royal Safari"

Available on Etsy 

jewelarmoireRoyalSafari1.jpg (421112 bytes) jewelarmoireRoyalSafari2.jpg (372490 bytes)

jewelarmoireRoyalSafari3.jpg (374911 bytes)

jewelarmoireRoyalSafari4.jpg (445078 bytes) jewelarmoireRoyalSafari5.jpg (348809 bytes)
Jewelry Armoire "Tinkerbell"

Available on Etsy 

jewelarmoireTinkerbell1.jpg (174191 bytes) jewelarmoireTinkerbell2.jpg (176608 bytes)

jewelarmoireTinkerbell3.jpg (155509 bytes)

jewelarmoireTinkerbell4.jpg (400861 bytes) jewelarmoireTinkerbell5.jpg (69123 bytes)
Jewelry Armoire "Ariel"

Available on Etsy 

jewelryarmoireARIEL2.jpg (553246 bytes) jewelryarmoireARIEL3.jpg (569607 bytes)

jewelryarmoireARIEL5.jpg (636239 bytes)

jewelryarmoireARIEL6.jpg (532378 bytes) jewelryarmoireARIEL4.jpg (392313 bytes)
Jewelry Armoire "Aurora"

Available on Etsy 

jewelryarmoireAURORA3.jpg (645461 bytes) jewelryarmoireAURORA2.jpg (537720 bytes)

jewelryarmoireAURORA5.jpg (465055 bytes)

Large Jewelry Armoire 

"Blue Moon"

Available on Etsy 

jewelryarmoireBlueMoon1.jpg (465154 bytes) jewelryarmoireBlueMoon4.jpg (468601 bytes)
jewelryarmoireBlueMoon2.jpg (486170 bytes) jewelryarmoireBlueMoon3.jpg (509910 bytes)
Jewelry Armoire


Available on Etsy 

jewelryarmoireJASMINE1.jpg (613582 bytes)

jewelryarmoireJASMINE3.jpg (553256 bytes)

jewelryarmoireJASMINE4.jpg (506453 bytes)


 Upcycled Jewelry Boxed Sold on Etsy

New Boxes are Available on Etsy 

jewelryboxblackswirls2.jpg (241241 bytes)

JewelryBoxCORALflower4.jpg.JPG (433000 bytes)

jewelboxpink10.jpg (120944 bytes)

Childrens' Table Set

(Available on Etsy   for Custom Order) Any theme or color

jungletable1.jpg (102440 bytes) jungletable2.jpg (89488 bytes) junglechair.jpg (47965 bytes)
Childrens' Table Set childrensanimalset1.jpg (660262 bytes) childrensanimalset2.jpg (551375 bytes) childrensanimalset3.jpg (540115 bytes)
Bar Stool

At the beach

(Available on Etsy   for Custom Order)

beachstool1.jpg (179641 bytes) beachstool3.jpg (80991 bytes) beachstool2.jpg (62501 bytes)
Bar Stool Backless

At the beach

(Available on Etsy   for Custom Order)

barstoolBeachy1.jpg (585678 bytes) barstoolBeachy2.jpg (563601 bytes) barstoolBeachy3.jpg (524997 bytes)
Bar Stool

Wine & Grapes

(Available on Etsy   for Custom Order)

winestool3.jpg (59772 bytes) winestool2.jpg (107637 bytes) winestool1.jpg (73106 bytes)


(Available on Etsy   for Custom Order)

Safari1.jpg (61646 bytes) Safari2.jpg (98815 bytes) Safari3.jpg (65157 bytes)

Shabby Chic 

Available on Etsy   for Custom Order)

ShabbyChair5.jpg (84508 bytes) ShabbyChair4.jpg (75235 bytes)
Sofa Table


(Available for Custom Order)


ItalianSofaTable3.jpg (39940 bytes)

ItalianSofaTable5.jpg (46044 bytes)

ItalianSofaTable1.jpg (64077 bytes)
Sofa Table

Metallic. Also looks great as Shabby Chic


metallicsofatable3.jpg (58835 bytes)

metallicsofatable2.jpg (55736 bytes)

metallicsofatable4.jpg (48868 bytes)



aronchair2.jpg (104575 bytes) aronchair.jpg (123824 bytes)

Animal Print

(One of a kind. Sold)

africanchair.jpg (13814 bytes)
Dining Room Table

(One of a kind. Sold)

table.jpg (75481 bytes)

China Cabinet

chinacab.jpg (36454 bytes)

Mosaic and Paint

(Private Residence)

cabinet.jpg (55106 bytes)

cabinetdoors.jpg (29857 bytes)

Park Bench

Mosaic and Paint

(One of a kind. Sold)

bluebench.jpg (90800 bytes)

bluebench2.jpg (100331 bytes)

Small Table

Mosaic, Paint, Distressed

bluemosaic1.jpg (393345 bytes) bluemosaic2.jpg (352904 bytes) bluemosaic4.jpg (425502 bytes)
Side Tables

 Paint, Distressed

(Sold or Available on Etsy)

endtableaqua4.jpg (227275 bytes) crackledstand4.jpg (667584 bytes) italianscrolltable2.jpg (744413 bytes)
nestingtables6.jpg (616008 bytes) nestingtables3.jpg (444071 bytes) nestingtables2.jpg (472889 bytes)