Decorative Paint  

Incorporating a variety of techniques to enhance your walls. Color washes, Harlequins, Stripes, Marbling, Lettering and Stenciling and more.  You will be amazed at the ingenuity of artists.

Stenciling Acanthus acanthus.jpg (25748 bytes)
Damask all-over masterbedroom3.jpg (105046 bytes) damask2.jpg (65064 bytes) damask5.jpg (80260 bytes)
Fleur De Lis  GuestStencil.jpg (41898 bytes) Paisley paisleystencil1.jpg (100386 bytes)
Arch stencilarch.jpg (51669 bytes) Cherries in the Kitchen costakit.jpg (42034 bytes)

from Mexico

hallclose2.jpg (78345 bytes) Hallway 


hallclose.jpg (1944860 bytes)
Olives olivevines1.jpg (160682 bytes) Red Flowers redflowers.jpg (28752 bytes)
Scrolled Bench bluebench2.jpg (100331 bytes) Passion Flower stencilmotif.jpg (346349 bytes)
Stripes office1.jpg (43176 bytes) Taupe Metallic Stripes with Palazzo Scroll


officeentry.jpg (45337 bytes)
Harlequin diamonds2.jpg (97109 bytes) diamonds1.jpg (100415 bytes)
Verses on the Wall

biblescript1.jpg (769057 bytes)

biblescript2.jpg (42342 bytes) fairypoem.jpg (24947 bytes)
Or on Brick BrickSurround2.jpg (295384 bytes) BrickSurround3.jpg (212236 bytes) BrickSurround4.jpg (186971 bytes)
Washes wash_gold.jpg (4055 bytes) On a focus wall. 

it's green!

greenwashwall.jpg (19509 bytes)
Transforms into Blue bluewashwall.jpg (17247 bytes) or Squared squaredwall.jpg (15274 bytes)
European Aged Washes doublewash.jpg (87743 bytes) Tuscan Venetiano Wash parlor.jpg (66693 bytes)
Aged Walls familyroom3.jpg (60356 bytes)
Marble tuscanfaux.jpg (12318 bytes) on a Column column.jpg (108773 bytes)
travertine.jpg (72352 bytes) Travertinemarble1.jpg (116215 bytes) Travertinemarble2.jpg (108744 bytes) travertinemarble3.jpg (54641 bytes)
Marbled Master Bath marblewash1.jpg (80470 bytes) Close up marblewash2.jpg (73173 bytes)
Ragging/ Sponging ragging.jpg (5776 bytes) Ragging on a Wall ragwall.jpg (24510 bytes)

fireplace2.jpg (24981 bytes)


Sponging on a Fireplace fireplace1.jpg (47662 bytes)